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Slim Cut -Trim fit,smaller armhole, shorter coat length, narrower lapels, flat front pants
Modern Cut-Trimmer fit, slightly narrower lapels, normal length coat, side vents, single pleat pants
Classic Cut-Traditional fit and styling, regular length coat, double pleated pants
Fashion Cut-A little bit of everything that makes you different

Pastel Suits in 21 colors...

     Pastel suits made of micro fiber poplin that is lightweight and comfortable. Great for stage or personal use when you need to be noticed. $94.00 includes coat and pant ... available in 21 colors from pink to purple.

3 button suits limited in colors and size (See when selecting colors when ordering). All new stock are 2 button coats. View all colors 

yellow,lavender,turquoise beige olive 
3 button suits 2 button beige 2 button olive 

All suits have double pleated pants

2 button coat's come with a free hankie

 6" drop between coat and pant (Ex: size 40 coat has 34 waist pants)


View all colors 

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Pastel Suits in 24 Colors

Windsors, bows, self ties, cravats Satin striped ties tapestry ties striped satin bow ties cravats skinny satin windsors

Vests in solid, stripes & patterns in poly satin and all silks

Formal stud & link sets 40% savings

Formal Shoes in a variety of styles

Formal shirts in white, ivory & black

Tie &cummerbund sets to set you apart

Tuxedos in mens & boys sizes

College & Pro team cuff links Florida Cowboys

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