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Vests to fit any occasion along with coordinating neckwear...

   Satin Solids, Satin Striped, Herringbone, Tapestry and various mini prints are available in over 63 colors. Those hard to find Mardi Gras, Christmas, Mossy Oak, Animals, Patriotic, Tropical & Destination Wedding vests are also available in a multitude of colors and patterns. Also checkout Suspenders & Braces

Satin Striped - bubblegumTapestry SilkPalermo-ice blue
Striped SatinTapestry SilksPalermo
Venetian Tapestry SatinSolid Satin Collection - apple
VenetianTapestrySolid Satin
American flagtropical printsmardi gras
American FlagsTropical PrintsMardi Gras

Coordinating Cravats, Sharpes, Continental, Kentucky Colonel, Bows and Windsor ties are available for men and boys in all styles...

Mossy Oaksilver herringbonenoble black silk
Mossy OakHerringboneNoble Silks
silk wovensfaille silksmusical notes
Woven SilksFaille SilksMusical notes
snow leopardzebrabengal tiger
CheetahZebraBengal Tiger
Mardi Gras confettiReindeer Vest Setscamo
Mardi GrasReindeerCamo 
raintree pink raintree infinity 
White Raintree Pink RaintreeInfinity

   Most items are machine washable. Inside elastic waist adjuster gives you a clean look from the back with no hanging straps. 98% of all items are in stock for immediate delivery and usually ships the day it's ordered.

 tropical prints  tropical prints mardi gras