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Neckwear to accommodate large groups or just your personal taste...available in self tie bows, pretied bows, self tie windsors & pre tied windsors

Check out our Suspenders & Braces to compliment your neckwear...

Tapestry Cornflowerplatinum applepewter 
Tapestry bow tiesTapestry self tie bowsTapestry windsorsTapestry pre tied 
 lavender Palermo Gold solid twill lt blue 
Palermo bow ties Palermo self tie bowsPalermo pre tiedTwill solid pre tied 
 mardi gras mardi gras 
Animal bow tiesAnimal windsors Mardi Gras bow ties Mardi Gras windsors 
american flag American flag musical notes musical notes 
American bow tiesAmerican windsorsNovelty bow tiesNovelty Windsors
bubble gum venetian royal  heathercinnamon 
Venetian bow ties Venetian pre tied  Venetian stripedVenetian windsors 
Herringbone Aqua bow tie merlot asphalt silk woven wine woven silk weave 
Herringbone bow ties Herringbone pre tied Silk woven windsors Silk woven self bows 
silver faille silk red silk faille red faille silk Kelley Cravat 
Silk faille bow ties Silk faille self bows Silk faille windsors Solid satin cravats 
solid silk platinum solid silk silver silk new gold 
Silk bow ties Silk self bow ties Silk windsors Solid satin sharpes 
silver striped bow tie guava Oasis satin striped windsor pool 
Striped bow tiesStriped self bowsStriped pre tiedStriped windsors
kelly royal satin bubble gum satin peacock 
Solid satin bows Solid satin self bows Solid satin pre tied Solid satin windsors 
silk tapestry self bow tapestry silks solid satin windsors solid satin self tie windsors 
Tapestry silk self bow Tapestry silk bows Skinny pre tied Skinny windsors 
striped satin windsors striped satin windsors 
Skinny striped preSkinny striped self Knit WindsorKnit bow ties



Silk, microfiber & satin neckwear from traditional to fashionable. All formal neckwear is available in mens and boys. Most formal ties are pre tied with an adjustable strap for the neck.